International Women's Day

International  Women's Day

International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day!

An ode to the women who inspired Inanna Beauty

Inanna follows in the footsteps of two emancipated women offering you beauty treatments like Martha Matilda Harper and a salon like Catherine de Vivonne where you can enjoy the arts before, during and after your treatments.

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valid from 8 to 12 March 2023

Martha Matilda Harper
(10th Sep 1857; † 3rd Aug 1950)

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From Servant to Innovator: She was both an entrepreneur and a beauty expert who launched the first registered beauty salon in 1888. She was born into a working-class family in Ontario, Canada. When she was seven, her father bound her out into service as a domestic servant in Rochester, New York. Harper toiled at menial work for years before opening her own business.

Catherine de Vivonne Marquise de Rambouillet
(1588; † 2. Dec 1665)

French aristocrat who presided over the first of the salons that dominated the intellectual life of 17th-century Paris. The Marquise sought to promote philosophical conversation, refinement, and good taste, earning her the description "précieuse".

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On this occasion, let's make ourselves and our community beautiful:

Call us or visit our virtual and real salons to learn more about our spectrum of services. The Inanna team looks forward to welcoming you for a conversation over a coffee from the “Berliner Kaffeerösterei” or a tea from “Sirocco”, savored ideally with a chocolate from “Rausch”.

Yours Anna

Anna Baret Gulueva

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