International Women's Day

International  Women's Day

Women's Day 2024

United in Vision: Empowered Women!

As we embrace the essence of International Women's Day, I find immense pride in sharing the journey of Inanna Medical Spa, a testament to the power of female entrepreneurship and collaboration.

From Vision to Reality

At the heart of Inanna Medical Spa is a story of determination and dreams. My mantra has always been, "In order to break the glass ceiling, I had to build my own house!" Yet, a house is not a home without its family. This journey began with me and flourished with the addition of four incredible women - Esra, Patricia, Marina, and Inna - each bringing her unique strengths, making Inanna a sanctuary for all women.

Beauty Unites Vision

Haus der Optik & Inanna Spa Bild

Sparked at Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen, Anna and Yvonne's meeting blossoms into a Inanna Medical Spa and Haus der Optik partnership, elevating beauty and style.

Gala of Elegance

March 6th Gala: Inanna Medical Spa and Haus der Optik Landwitz celebrated their collaboration with a showcase of Cartier eyewear and aesthetic treatments.

Inanna Spa Gala der Eleganz img
Women's Day Inanna Spa Team Picture

Unity in Beauty

Team Inanna's Unity: Five women with diverse backgrounds come together at Inanna Medical Spa, creating a welcoming haven for all women.

Inanna spa berlin women's day foyer

Beauty Empowers

Join us in celebrating our journey towards empowerment and beauty. Experience the avant-garde services Inanna Medical Spa and our partners offer, and let's uplift each other in a community where every woman's beauty and strength shine.

Let us honor the journey of women worldwide and the futures we're shaping. Your support is vital to our success, and we welcome you to our empowered family.

Yours Anna

Anna Baret Gulueva

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