Your topics around beauty

Your topics around beauty


Your topics around beauty

"I am always satisfied by the best..."

Mentioned Oscar Wilde about having simplest tastes … With the proliferation of beauty brands it has become harder to choose the best products for ourselves. It’s not about too many – it’s about too many brands we can’t tell apart,” said Wendy Liebmann, chief executive of WSL Retail Strategy, a consulting firm.

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A Sunscreen Every Day Keeps The Wrinkels Away!

Sun is an Important Cause Of Bad Skin along with cigarettes and maybe the lack of love! preached World-famous Parisian plastic surgeon Dr. Olivier Henry de Frahan. Sunscreens are responsible for shielding skin from sun damage—and, even scarier, skin cancer. Photodamage can cause wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging, texture changes, and a whole host of other issues that are part of premature aging.

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Beauty as Recommendation Letter

Asked why people desire physical beauty, Aristotle said, “No one that is not blind could ask that question.” Beauty ensnares hearts, captures minds, and stirs up emotional wildfires. From Plato to pinups, images of human beauty have catered to a limitless desire to see and imagine an ideal human form.

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6 Signs of skin aging

The unfolding of life does more than fray our bodies - it softens our minds, dulls the edge of vanity, and widens the aperture of beauty so that we are both more ourselves and less ourselves, more aware of the transience of the world.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

All of us, for whom the world means something and who value our lives, owe an infinite debt to a woman. Mothers are neither saints nor saviors - they are just people who, however complicated the relationship, have loved us the best way they knew how.

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Happy Easter!

Easter’s theme of resurrection aka. rebirth is central to human traditions dating back to the very early days of human civilization - much earlier than Christianity itself. The pre-Christian world has a plethora of stories about resurrection and springtime. About two thousand years before Christ, the Sumerians had a tradition around the goddess "Inanna". She descended into the underworld during winter and, once winter ended, she was brought back to life.

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Happy International Women's Day!

Inanna follows in the footsteps of two emancipated women offering you beauty treatments like Martha Matilda Harper and a salon like Catherine de Vivonne where you can enjoy the arts before, during and after your treatments.

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Your beauty salon in the heart of Berlin

Welcome to our first newsletter of the newly blossomed Inanna Studio! You are the first valued contact I have handpicked to celebrate the news of beauty. In this new year and at the beginning of this new journey, I want us to share a responsibility to preserve and reveal more of the beauty in our world - whether in experiences, ideas, or manners.

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