Your beauty salon in the heart of Berlin

Your beauty salon in the heart of Berlin

Your beauty salon in the heart of Berlin

Your beauty salon in the heart of Berlin

A place where your beauty is at home

Welcome to our first newsletter of the newly blossomed Inanna Studio! You are the first valued contact I have handpicked to celebrate the news of beauty. In this new year and at the beginning of this new journey, I want us to share a responsibility to preserve and reveal more of the beauty in our world - whether in experiences, ideas, or manners.

But what does it mean to make a fresh start? Isn't it what makes us feel fulfilled and beautiful every day? Let us embark on this new journey together. Responsibly, let us perceive the beauty in our world. Together, let's make sure that the feeling of beauty accompanies us through our daily lives.

"For I am because you are."


Beauty should be celebrated.

The human being is always in the first place with us.


People are valuable - material things are transient. This is my philosophical conviction. That's why I would like to introduce Patricia Halcinova to you. She joined Inanna in January and embodies our values and brings the necessary technical skills to work with us to achieve the best results - results that will exceed your expectations.

Immerse yourself in the world of beneficial treatments paired with the magic of soothing care. To do so, discover our selection of different treatments:

I invite you to join me in sharing and celebrating beauty in all its facets, and I look forward to perhaps welcoming you to the Inanna Beauty Studio soon.

Yours Anna

Anna Baret Gulueva

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